what to make next

Here is a list of things we are planning to make and write about. This is kind of like the white board in our kitchen, except that has ideas of things to DO next. Currently it says “Brighton Beach, neighborhood bars (with a big X through it because we think we do that pretty damn well), bowling and/or lazer tag/paintballing, watch “Pieces of April” (also with an X through it because it is after Thanksgiving and we never did this)” It should also say “Spa Castle” because we’ve wanted to go there since we went to the Russian Baths, but it doesn’t say it for some reason. We will spare you the evolution of this list, but here’s a preview of some things we plan to make to eat soon! Some ambitious and some regular things we just want to remember to post about.

Let us know if you have favorites. We’re always looking for ideas … you can add them in the comments!

never made:

sourdough starter (and the bread, eventually)

canoli cake


pulled pork

lamb meatballs



lentil chili


yogurt cake, come to think of it

pineapple rice




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