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nice surprises

January 29, 2010

As is evident in the short period we’ve had this blog, we like carrots over here. And we like carrots on surprising things, like pizza or in this case, sandwiches. I can’t remember where I heard the idea for a carrot and cheddar sandwich combination, but I didn’t see anything about this simple recipe not to like. And, hey, I like it quite a bit! The best part is how simple it is to make:

There you go. I guess I didn’t need pictures, but who knew that carrots photographed so beautifully? And while I took at least fifteen pictures of the process of making this sandwich, not once did I notice that my bread was the wrong side up. Only until I showed a friend these pictures (yes, I make my friends look at my pictures of carrots), did he mention the confusing placement of the bread. Oops. Here’s one more shot for the road, bread placement be damned:

Seriously. Don’t those carrots look sexy?