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one quiet pizza party

January 26, 2010

After some of our pizza parties, we all collapse exhausted and wait for the flour to settle, giggling and full on the couch. This one was different, peaceful.  It was conveniently timed because I was studying at home that day to prep for a two hour presentation, and so had plenty of time to make dough. It was relaxing to knead between readings. Toppings came together slowly. Our first CSA box held some inspiring pizza toppings: large thick carrots, bulbous red onions and a sprig of thyme. I sauteed onions, softening them into long sweet caramelized strips. The carrots were cooked in butter and with the thyme …  our most adventurous pizza topping. Dan brought a can of tomatoes and seasoned them for sauce while I defrosted the last jar of frozen pesto from July’s bounty of basil at East New York Farms. Pair that with Brooklyn’s own Salvatore riccotta and fresh mozzarella, a lone chicken sausage crumbled and cooked, and a sprinkling of chives + coarse salt, and we had our spread.