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six week muffins and a quick trip to the bay

April 20, 2010

This past week I booked a last minute ticket home to the Bay Area. While my visit wasn’t under the most ideal of circumstances, it turned out to be a great week. In addition to spending some quality time with the ‘rents, I got to celebrate with Katie for her 22nd birthday, watch Jill and the rest of Cal crew dominate Stanford and Wisconsin at the Lake Natoma invitational races in Sacramento and experience the infamous “Around the Clock” Happy Hour in Berkeley at the Bear’s Lair. My mom, who has perfected the art of taking a butter, cream and/or sugar-laden recipe and adjusting it to be more healthful and less caloric while still maintaining it’s flavor and integrity, shared with me an awesome muffin recipe that I will be very quickly adopting. (more…)


Samoas, Interrupted

March 10, 2010

If there’s one thing I’m certain of in this life, it is that Samoas (aka Caramel DeLites) are the best Girl Scout cookie. Yeah, I said it. Thin Mints aren’t adventurous enough, Tagalongs make your mouth feel all weird if you eat more than one, and the others don’t have names worth remembering.

That is why Emily and I decided to make our own Samoas one lazy afternoon. Sounds like a great idea, right? If only we knew then what we know now.


a sweet return

March 4, 2010

Whew! We have been missing in action over here, but not for the wrong reasons. Every winter this point in the semester seems inevitable – the weather remains stubbornly cold, cloudy heads and stuffy noses come and never seem to go, classes begin to drag. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve generally been exhausted and/or cold for the past few weeks. But it looks like the sun is out today, I’m taking the morning off, and we have spring vacation in a week. To Paris! To Greece! To Berlin! To New Orleans! The five of us will be around the world in a matter of time, and hopefully writing about it here. And on the topic of worldliness, I have Italian cookies to share with you.


on winning hearts and minds

February 14, 2010

There’s something really very wonderful about baking, and that is you can never bake only for yourself. I’ve made cookies and cakes before in which yes, probably, I could polish off one lonely evening or a day the refrigerator is lacking. And after living in smaller apartments with less people I’ve often found that tempting. But now living with four other people, we bake and cook for each other. Which is good because cookies are never meant to be eaten alone.


brunching at 111

February 7, 2010

There are a lot of reasons why I love New York. Near the top of the list is how this city does Sunday brunch. I love eggs. I love spicy bloody marys. I love squeezing out the last few ounces of weekend fun with old friends and new. And I love that everyone else in New York also seems to love Brunching too.

This Sunday I decided to do brunch at the apartment. After a(nother) late night downstairs at Henry Public, Zoe and I woke up early and started prepping—mushroom omelette, curried potato hash, some meat chili from Jake’s in keeping with superbowl tradition, a green salad, a fennel-semolina loaf of broad and some rye rolls from Amy’s Bread at Chelsea Market. We weren’t sure which of our friends were actually going to make it over, so we just prepared for a small army. Val brought over a goat cheese, sweet potato and spinach quiche that was almost too beautiful to touch—until I tasted it and couldn’t keep my hands off it. I wanted to make some sort of coffee cake with the apples and vat of maple syrup we got from the CSA this week. I found a great apple coffee cake recipe from and Food52/SavorySweetLife and adjusted it based on what I had in the apartment. As far as coffee cakes go, this was in a word, perfect. It was sweet and moist, not overly dense or rich. It will surely be making another appearance soon.

So for the recipe…


family fun

February 3, 2010

Hey mom, how was work? What’s for dinner? Do you mind if I take some pictures of the kitchen for our blog? Monday night dinner with my family, readers … come see!