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what to do when your roommate starts canning compulsively

May 4, 2010

Zoe called it a “canning bender.” I called it “preparing for the apocalypse,” because that’s exactly what it looked like Zoe was doing each time I would come home to yet another set of canned goods. But really, as far as different methods of dealing with one’s anxiety go, this is by far the most productive.



six week muffins and a quick trip to the bay

April 20, 2010

This past week I booked a last minute ticket home to the Bay Area. While my visit wasn’t under the most ideal of circumstances, it turned out to be a great week. In addition to spending some quality time with the ‘rents, I got to celebrate with Katie for her 22nd birthday, watch Jill and the rest of Cal crew dominate Stanford and Wisconsin at the Lake Natoma invitational races in Sacramento and experience the infamous “Around the Clock” Happy Hour in Berkeley at the Bear’s Lair. My mom, who has perfected the art of taking a butter, cream and/or sugar-laden recipe and adjusting it to be more healthful and less caloric while still maintaining it’s flavor and integrity, shared with me an awesome muffin recipe that I will be very quickly adopting. (more…)

on why chickens make me happy

April 12, 2010

And so we’re back…


202 days too many

February 18, 2010

Today marks 202 days that my friend Josh has been held in detainment in Evin prison in Tehran, Iran. In July of 2009, Josh was hiking with his two friends Sarah and Shane in Iraqi Kurdistan, an autonomous region that has not seen violence or unrest since 1991, when they mistakenly crossed the border to into Iran. Since then, they have been held mostly in solitary confinement and denied contact with friends and family or access legal counsel.


brunching at 111

February 7, 2010

There are a lot of reasons why I love New York. Near the top of the list is how this city does Sunday brunch. I love eggs. I love spicy bloody marys. I love squeezing out the last few ounces of weekend fun with old friends and new. And I love that everyone else in New York also seems to love Brunching too.

This Sunday I decided to do brunch at the apartment. After a(nother) late night downstairs at Henry Public, Zoe and I woke up early and started prepping—mushroom omelette, curried potato hash, some meat chili from Jake’s in keeping with superbowl tradition, a green salad, a fennel-semolina loaf of broad and some rye rolls from Amy’s Bread at Chelsea Market. We weren’t sure which of our friends were actually going to make it over, so we just prepared for a small army. Val brought over a goat cheese, sweet potato and spinach quiche that was almost too beautiful to touch—until I tasted it and couldn’t keep my hands off it. I wanted to make some sort of coffee cake with the apples and vat of maple syrup we got from the CSA this week. I found a great apple coffee cake recipe from and Food52/SavorySweetLife and adjusted it based on what I had in the apartment. As far as coffee cakes go, this was in a word, perfect. It was sweet and moist, not overly dense or rich. It will surely be making another appearance soon.

So for the recipe…


jiaozi galore

February 3, 2010

Last year I spent five weeks in China living with a family in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, as part of a traveling semester abroad. I was studying public health, and while it was an incredible adventure, China rather was difficult on my stomach. Although American Chinese food bares only a slight resemblance to actual Chinese food, I haven’t had any since being back in the country. So, after almost a year, I felt compelled to spend an evening this week making the dumplings that I learned how to make from the family I lived with in China. Zoe had also spent some time last year in Hong Kong, so the two of us turned 111 Pacific into a dumpling-making factory for the night. This is what I love about dumplings:

1.) it’s an activity

2.) you can put almost anything in them

3.) you can make hundreds, freeze them, and have them for the next month if you so choose!


your first taste

January 26, 2010

I’m Sami, and some might call me the more anal-retentive one when it comes to our kitchen. I think it might stem from my mother who instilled the fear of G-d in me should there be dishes left in the sink overnight. But anyway, after our cake-party-turned-dance party, the Brooklyn pie contest, and then birthday parties 1 and 2, our kitchen has taken a beating over the past five days. I started on Thursday making a cheesecake layered and topped with Oreo crumbles, and a poppyseed cake with creamcheese frosting that will just make you fall out of your chair. In the last minute I decided to whip up a couple dozen Tres Leches cupcakes, which require a designated post of their own for a later date. This was all for our cake and booze party. For the Brooklyn pie contest the next evening, I had planned to enter a chocolate rum pudding pie, but that changed slightly when Claire accidentally placed an apple in the refrigerator, smack into the middle of my pie. After a minor freak-out, I busted out a whipped cream topping, drizzled with Emily’s heavenly ganache, which saved the day.