comings and goings


It has been a long semester, in both wonderful and challenging ways. It began, honestly, with this blog. We had been planning to write here in previous months, practicing our camera work and recipies, brainstorming blog names and themes. I got my beloved Canon Rebel for Christmas (thanks, mom and dad!) took a few pictures of the mason jars in our kitchen, borrowed the name Zoe cleverly thought of, and here we are. It’s overwhelming, really, to think of where we are now. I have a job! After many many many months of not knowing where to go after graduation, I have been lucky enough to get a job I am really, really excited about. And will keep me in Brooklyn. So I’m not going anywhere.

But roommates travel, leave, and hopefully come back. Not all of us are staying in the city, but I think you find something really wonderful around here after you put enough time in New York to call it home. Every time you leave, it feels like a breath of fresh air, but nothing is like returning to New York. Even if only to visit, the cold city becomes welcoming, friends from all across boroughs gather to reunite, and adventures happen. This post is about an adventure we had my first night back in New York this past semester, our last semester. And yes, it has something to do with food.

Our good friend Annie, who works for the Spotted Pig, asked us to tag along with her to Hunts Point Market. It is a HUGE wholesale market, located in the middle of the Bronx. It is also a night market, so off we traveled to the Bronx, late into the evening. But first we went to Annie’s with our good friend John Macnamera, and ate some good food in her great apartment.

I remember we had a really delicious salad that included potatoes and apples and beets… I think… and we should get that recipe from Annie.

Then, off we went.

This is a huge drop off station for produce that goes all around the tri state area and is the biggest wholesale market in the WORLD. Produce, meat, and fish. Here, we were entering the produce warehouses. We meekly walked in as semi-trucks plowed through, one after the other. It was a little intimidating, but we’re brave girls. Another example: they told me before we entered, under no conditions was I allowed to take pictures, and I would be under their jurisdiction if I broke this rule.  Let’s see how much I cared.

I really wish I could give a feeling of the scope of this market, I took a ton of pictures trying to document this until they indeed told me I better put that camera away before they arrest me. We entered numerous long corridors, all with open areas for trucks to drive up, and room after room was filled with boxes of fruit and vegetables. It is also basically worked by men, and we made some friends.

After the produce market, we stopped for a broccoli rabe sandwich (photo above… do you love my makeshift hood?), warmed up (I still find the cold in New York to be worse than Colorado winters), and went back out in search of the fish market. Here, I could take pictures again, and everyone I met was incredibly friendly, albeit reeking of fish. And after we left, my clothes smelled of fish until I finally got my act together and did my laundry.

Oh yeah, and remember this night? Here’s where we found our crab supplier!

It’s strange this was only four months ago, I feel like since then we’ve grown tremendously as individuals and as an apartment …. it’s starting to freak me out how well we know one another. I don’t want to get too sentimental, but this was written for sentimental reasons, so there you go. I promise a RAW MILK CHEESE RECIPE (and another adventure…. this time to some farms!) very, very soon.



One Response to “comings and goings”

  1. Mom Says:

    Emily, this post was worth the wait and I loved reading it. What a fun adventure with your wonderful roomies… with some great clandestine photographs, too. Love you lots, my little professional journalist.xoxo

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