chili today hot tamale


“Go to the drugstore. Biggest sale of the year on chocolate!” _____ e-mailed, urging me to take advantage of post-Valentines day sales. This is what love looks like in America. Hundreds of heart shaped boxes of chocolate, available starting Monday for drastically reduced prices.

But this is what love looks like to me right now. My new cast iron pot. Dan gave it to me. (obligatory aww).

Here is our super bowl chili in my new pot. I don’t want to talk about the chili (because it’s the secret recipe of Gabe, the chef at Dickson’s) and because there is still about 1/3 of a gallon (read: really big tub) sitting in our fridge and I can’t even look at it anymore I’ve eaten so much of it in the past week. (But if YOU want some, we’ll be selling it soon, come by!)

But the pot. I can talk about the pot forever. Most cast iron pots look pretty traditional and old fashioned. This one is Copco, a brand that was created in the ’60s because there was a “market niche for cast iron cookware to be fashion forward in color and shape.” How funny is that? Mine looks like a UFO. I love it.

Dan got it off Craiglist, from a man who lives in his neighborhood who was selling a really large collection of cast iron cookware. People think Copco is a Danish company because of the designs and because they had a production facility in Denmark for awhile. But it’s not. A company called Wilton purchased Copco in 1984, after the company had basically ceased to make cookware because of Le Creuset’s success. Instead, Copco now makes colorful teakettles, picking up on another trend. So they’ve got that going for them.

If you are ever looking for the way to a girls heart, a pot is a good option. Practical. Long lasting. Pretty. Probably will have a high rate of return (for your tummy).

Oh yeah one more thing about the pot … the lid itself is a little enamel coated iron skillet! Future plans for the pot include turkey soup, bread pudding, palak daal (the list goes on).


2 Responses to “chili today hot tamale”

  1. Japhet Says:

    I could use more chili.

  2. AnneStrawberry Says:

    Oh goodness that pan is so fun! I’ve been itching for a nice one myself and hadn’t thought to check Craigslist. I’m heading over right now- thanks!

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