Dining Out


What’s cooking in other kitchens…

[Photo by Sarah McColl]

  • In Brooklyn, Sarah dispatches her foodie blues with porkchops and pickles, à la française. [Pink of Perfection]
  • In Columbus, OH, Becke mourns the loss of The Dog Joint, and its “Windy City Dog.” [Columbus Foodie]
  • In Clinton, MI, Paul and Mandy prove mix-masters with a brunch —a “subaverage” brunch!— that is partially homegrown (fried eggs, sourdough bread, quince jelly), partially foreign (butter, salt, pepper, coffee), and 100% covetable. [Dragonwood]
  • In Arizona, Anne conquers her baking pan issues with milk chocolate mini bundt cakes. Verdict: sub in bittersweet chocolate and a ganache topping and it just might be a winner. [Anne Strawberry]
  • And in Nashville, Rebecca pays tribute to the Big Easy via a “2-day-old baguette, a freshly opened bottle of Maker’s Mark and five delicious snowbound days.” [Ezra Poundcake]

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One Response to “Dining Out”

  1. Emily Says:

    Dear Claire,
    Round up posts ARE fun, you are right. But why … WHY is there a link to a post about the closing of a hot dog joint in Ohio?? Also. Paul and Mandy (?!)’s brunch has got nothin’ on ours. 🙂 Glad you are keeping up with all your bloggers!


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